Monday, July 23, 2007

Andokides Painter (c 525 BCE)

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Greek potter, 6th c. BCE. Known for his Red Figure style. The red-figure style began to replace the older black figure technique. There are some vases on which the two appear side by side. On those vases by the potter Andokides that are half red-figure and half black-figure, the artist of the red-figure side has been identified as the Andokides Painter, and the artist of the black-figure side has been identified as the Lysippides Painter. It is at about this time that painting on white ground made its appearance, and the potter Andokides applied a white slip to the vertical surface of the mouth and asked a black-figure painter - possibly Psiax, who was well-versed in a miniature style - to decorate the surface with the wrestling scene of Herakles and the Nemean lion in the presence of Athena and Hermes.


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