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Nicolaus Bartholomaeus (Barthelemy de Loches) (1478-1535)

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Why did you create women and forbid intercourse with them beyond the bond of two and the yoke of matrimony? You are more generous to the beasts, whom you bind by no law.


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Nicolaus Bartholomaeus was born in 1478 at Loches, a small town in Touraine. He is usually called Bartholomaeus Lochiensis or Barthelemy de Loches. He joined the Benedictine order and became in succession prior of Freteral, near Vendome, then of Notre Dame de Bonne Nouvelles at Orleans, where he took his doctorate of common and civil law. He was in touch with Brule and other leading scholars of France and Italy. He produced twelve books on different subjects: gardening, idylls, epigrams, satires, odes, history, meditations. He is remembered for his "Christus Xilonicus," which went into eight editions from 1529 to 1544.

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