Friday, August 3, 2007

al-Buzjani (940-998)

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al-Buzjani was a mathematician and astronomer at Baghdad. His main contribution lies in several branches of mathematics, especially geometry and trigonometry. He was the first to show the generality of the sine theorem relative to spherical triangles and developed a new method of constructing sine tables. He also made a special study of the tangent and calculated a table of tangents. He introduced the secant and cosecant for the first time, knew the relations between the trigonometric lines, which are now used to define them, and undertook extensive studies on conics. A sizeable part of today's trigonometry can be traced back to him. His contributions to astronomy included a study of different movements of the moon, motions rediscovered by Tycho Brahe six centuries later. [Adapted from Muslim Scholar's page]


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