Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Arthur Heming (1870-1940)

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Arthur Heming was a colour blind painter who worked only in black and white until 1930. Toronto Telegram critic Kenneth Wells described Heming's paintings as truly expressive of the Canadian north: "There is more of the north in them, more real Canadianism, as the landscape painters understand it, than in the whole lumped output of the Group of Seven.

His pictures may not appeal to the sophisticates of the studio...Gallery curators may not find them satisfying to that snobbism which breeds in such places...In a modernistic wilderness of self-expression he puts self aside to accurately describe on canvas the life of a northland that is passing and that will soon be only a dream...he paints the north not as a painter loving colour and design for its own sake, but as an artist loving it for his subject's sake. [Adapted from The Group of Seven: Art for a Nation, National Gallery of Canada, Charles C. Hill, McClelland & Stewart, 1995]


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