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Elizabeth (Tanfield) Cary (1585-1639)

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The Queen, who was guilty but in circumstance, and but an accessory to the intention, not the fact, tasted with a bitter time of repentance what it was but to be quoted in the margent of such a story; the several relations so variously expressed of their confessions that where the actors and consenters that so much as touched; especially since if it were in that cruel manner, as is by the major part agreed on, it was one of the most inhumane and barbarous acts that ever fell within the expression of all our English stories, fitter rather to be passed over in silence, than to be discoursed, since it both dishonoureth our nation, and is in the example so dangerous. - from Cary's The History of the Life, Reign, and Death of Edward II


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Renaissance English woman playwright alive during Shakepeare's time. Cary, a viscountess wrote The Tragedy of Mariam the Fair Queen of Jewry and The History of the Most Unfortunate Prince, King Edward II.

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