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Guillaume Dufay (c 1400-1474)

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The leading composer of his time and a member of the Burgundian School, the leading group of composers of the early 15th century. Dufay was born in Cambrai in 1400. He was a chorister at Cambrai Cathedral, he was briefly in the service of the Malatesta family in Italy, and after a further period at home, returned to join the papal choir in 1428. He was subsequently involved with a number of ruling families in Italy, including the d'Estes of Ferrara and the rulers of Savoy, before returning to Cambrai, where he retained a position as canon of the cathedral until his death.

Song Lyrics

Esperance qui m'asseüre

Esperance qui m'asseüre,
Joie sans per, vie à mon vueil,
Dous penser, sade nourriture,
Tres bon eür, plaisant accueil
Et maint autre grant bien recuiel,
Quant Amours m'a tant enrichi
Que j'aim dame, s'aten merci.

Et se ceste attente m'est dure
En desirant, pas ne m'en dueil,
Car le gré de ma dame pure
Et d'Amours tous jours faire vueil.
Et s'a guerredon sans pareil,
Ce m'est vis, puis, qu'il est einsi
Que j'aim dame, s'aten merci.

Car souvenirs en moy figure
Sa fine biauté sans orgueil,
Sa bonté, sa noble figure,
Son gent maintieng, son bel accueil,
Et comment si dous riant oueil
Par leur attrait m'ont mené, si
Que j'aim dame, s'aten mercy.


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Dufay represents the generation influenced by the English composer John Dunstable and forming the so-called Burgundian or First Netherlands School of composers, flourishing in the territory ruled by the Dukes of Burgundy, but widespread in its own influence as the predominant Renaissance musical style. [Adapted from HNH International]

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