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John Dewey (1859-1952)

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Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.


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Philosophical naturalist influenced by the pragmatism of Peirce and James. According to Dewey thought involves practical problem-solving. Problem solving in turn requires the testing of rival hypotheses against experience. Dewey's philosophical pragmatism, concern with interaction, reflection and experience, and interest in community and democracy, led to the development of a coherent educational philosophy.

Among his writings, which are concerned with almost all philosophical fields except metaphysics, are Psychology (1887), The School and Society (1899; rev. ed. 1915), Ethics (with James H. Tufts, 1908), Democracy and Education (1916), Reconstruction in Philosophy (1920), Human Nature and Conduct (1922), Experience and Nature (1925), The Public and Its Problems (1927), The Quest for Certainty (1929), Philosophy and Civilization (1932), A Common Faith (1934), Art as Experience (1934), Liberalism and Social Action (1935), Experience and Education (1938), Logic: The Theory of Inquiry (1938), Freedom and Culture (1939), and Problems of Men (1946). [Adapted from Informal Education Homepage & Columbia Encyclopedia]

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