Thursday, August 9, 2007

Louis de Broglie (1892-1987)

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Two seemingly incompatible conceptions can each represent an aspect of the truth ... They may serve in turn to represent the facts without ever entering into direct conflict.


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French physicist who hypothesized (1924) that particles should exhibit certain wavelike properties. The wave nature of the electron was experimentally confirmed in 1927 by C J Davisson, C H Kunsman and L H Germer in the United States and by G P Thomson (the son of J J Thomson) in Aberdeen, Scotland. De Broglie's theory of electron matter waves was later used by Schrodinger, Dirac and others to develop wave mechanics. De Broglie received the 1929 Nobel Prize in Physics for his theory. His many works on physics and the philosophy of science include An Introduction to the Study of Wave Mechanics (1930, tr. 1930), Revolution in Physics (tr. 1953), and Non-Linear Wave Mechanics (1956, tr. 1960). [Adapted from MacTutor]

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