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Luis Bunuel (1900-1983)

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Luis Bunuel studied science at the University of Madrid, majoring in science where he met Salvador Dali and Federico Garcia Lorca. Bunuel studied film in Paris during the 1920's. There he became an assistant to the experimental filmmaker Jean Epstein, and in 1928 collaborated with some friends including Dali on the surrealistic classic Un Chien andalou. Bunuel went on to film the anti-clerical L'Age d'Or in 1930. After L'Age d'Or, Bunuel further pursued his interests in anti-clericalism in a documentary called Land Without Bread. Later in the United States, he directed documentaries at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

In association with producer Oscar Dancigers, Bunuel made a series of films, including Los olvidados (1950), El (1952), and Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz (1955). His later films combind a documentary sense with surrealist qualities. Bunuel returned to France in 1955 to begin three co-productions that placed him in the center of cinematic art. Controversy and problems with either distribution or censorship continued to appear throughout his career, as in his French film, Belle de Jour (1967) which was rereleased in 1996. [Adapted from Deep Focus]

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