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Noel Coward (1899-1973)

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Mona Lisa looks as if she has just been sick, or is about to be.


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English actor, playwright, and composer of popular music. Born in 1899 at Teddington, Middlesex, he wrote his first successful play in 1920. Throughout the next thirty years, he enjoyed enormous popularity, turning out comedies and musicals such as "Hay Fever" (1925), "Bitter Sweet" (1929), "Private Lives" (1930) and "Blithe Spirit" (1941), several of which were made into films. He also appeared in and produced films such as "In which we serve", "Brief encounter" and "The Italian job". He was knighted shortly before his death in 1973. [This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License and uses material adapted in whole or in part from the Wikipedia article on Noel Coward.]

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