Friday, August 10, 2007

Paul Dirac (1902-1984)

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Paul Dirac is famous as the creator of a complete theoretical formulation of quantum mechanics. He studied electrical engineering at the University of Bristol before doing research in mathematics at St John's College Cambridge. His first major contribution to quantum theory was a paper written in 1925. He published The Principles of Quantum Mechanics in 1930 and for this work he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1933. Dirac was appointed Lucasian professor of mathematics at the University of Cambridge in 1932, a post he held for 37 years. He was made a fellow of the Royal Society in 1930, was awarded the Royal Society's Royal Medal in 1939 and the Society awarded him the Copley Medal in 1952. In 1971 Dirac was appointed professor of physics at Florida State University and was appointed to the Order of Merit in 1973. [Adapted from Hallym University Physics Dept.]

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