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Abbas Kiarostami (1940-)

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Four tanks invaded the area. A tank cannon struck a room where a policeman was praying. This is terrorism. All we had was rifles.


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Abbas Kiarostami studied art at the faculty of Fine Arts in Teheran, Iran. He managed to graduate after thirteen years, but realised that he was not an artist and began to search for new avenues.

Meanwhile, he worked for the traffic police, as a graphic designer and director for short film adverts. In 1969 he was asked to establish the film department at Kanun, the Institute for intellectual development of children and adolescents, which went on to become the fundamental aggregation point for new Iranian film production.

Kiarostami made his first pieces there up until 1992, with the exception of Gozaresh. His work has been screened at the major international festivals, and he received his first most important recognition with Khaneh-ye doost kojast (1987), winning the Pardo di bronzo at Locarno in 1987. In 1992 Zendegi edameh darad (1991) won the Rossellini Prize at Cannes. In 1995 he was part of the jury at the Venice Film Festival and the following year presented Ta'm-e guilass (1997) which in 1997 won the Palme d'or ex aequo at Cannes.

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