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Sophie Mereau (1770-1807)

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Sophie Mereau was born Feb. 28, 1770 in Altenberg; she died on Oct 31, 1806 in Heidelberg. Together with her sister Henriette she received a musical education and training in modern languages. In 1787 she became acquainted with law professor Friedrich Ernst Karl Mereau. He supported her literary interests and made a connection to Schiller. Her poems were published in Schiller's Thalia in 1791. Schiller assigned her to translate the texts of Germaine de Staeel. She married Mereau in 1793 - and divorced in 1801. She remarried in 1803 to Clemens Brentano. Sophie Mereau died 1806 after childbirth. Sophie Mereau work connects classical forms with romantic life. Her novel Das Bluthenalter der Empfindung was published anonymously in 1794. Her second novel Amanda and Eduard was published in 1803. [Adapted from German Biography]


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