Monday, October 1, 2007

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

God is really only another artist, he made the elephant, giraffe and cat. He has no real style but keeps trying new ideas.

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Steve Morrison said...

Wonderful--it reminds me of Victor Hugo's splendid poem:
"Personally, I don't expect God to keep himself under control, not always,
You have to put up with some vibrant excesses from such a great poet...
Bad taste is one of his quirks,
He likes to add dragons to chasms and maggots to sewers,
To be a combined Rabelais-Michelangelo.
That's what the Lord is like, and I just accept it."

Jimi Parkes said...

Great quote, there's no doubt that Pablo Picasso was a man of deep contradictions. Picasso was a self avowed communist. However, Picasso was also one of the world's wealthiest artists, leaving his heirs an estate valued at $260 million ($1.5 billion in 2008 dollars) when he died in 1973. Pablo Picasso once remarked, 'I like to live like a poor man, except with lots of money'! lol! Cheers, Jimi